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Prodigal Son

I’m looking to find the story of the “Prodigal Son.” A son who wants his father’s inheritance before his father dies. After getting it and spending it, he comes back to his father as a slave. Where can I find this story at?


In the Bible, does it ever describe how Satan (Lucifer) was thrown out of heaven? If yes, where? If no, how did this theory come about?

The story of the often called Prodigal Son (Luke 15.11-32). One might notice that the word prodigal does not appear in the text. The story is about the Father not the son. The word prodigal can mean “giving or given in abundance.”

Some have taken two passages from the Old Testament (Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14) as describing the fall of Satan. There is no agreement among scholars about the interpretation of these passages. Some believe that Satan fell before creation. Some believe that he fell at the story in Genesis 6.1-4, others believe that he fell in the Intertestamental Period (the period of about 400 years between the last prophet of the Old Testament period and the beginning of the New Testament story, now often called Second Temple Judaism).

I have written some brief material elsewhere in my online “Almost Weekly Bible Study” about this topic. You can find it here. Just scroll down about half the page till you see “A Small Digression: The Serpent.”

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