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Listen: The Antidote for Fragmented Living: Part 1

Hey everybody, Winn here with another episode of AskDrwinn

In today’s show, we are working on a question that goes something like this:

Biblical EqualityIs there an antidote for fragmented living?

Fragmented LivingToday, I will be presenting Part 1 of a 2 part presentation that I shared with a local church in Washington state. My presentation was the last presentation in a five part series. In the series, the local gathering was being exposed to a group of essentials that the leadership team believed was important to the local congregants.

They were presented in the following order

  1. A Spirit-led community
  2. A community of praise
  3. A community that lives for others
  4. A community of kingdom relationships

If I would have presented these essentials or any other list of essentials, I would have started with the presentation that I made of the essential of Scripture, because I believe it is the bedrock for any list of essentials that are created for a church by its leadership and the antidote for fragmented living that is a constant difficulty in the lives of Jesus followers.

We now turn to the first part of the two part presentation on the antidote for fragmented living.

Download AskDrwinn episode 3.

Winn Griffin’s participation in the church spans about 60 years, ministering in four different denominations, serving on the staff of three mega churches, and functioning as a pastor in four churches. He has a BA, MA, and two Doctor of Ministry degrees. In addition, he has authored two books and eight eBooks. Winn's focus on AskDrWinn is to give space for folks to ask about Bible stuff that they have questions about. He is married to Donna Faith and they have two adult children and live in Washington State. » Read Winn's Full Bio
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  • Leo Bruce April 14, 2016, 4:45 am

    Dr Winn, I couldn’t agree more that the first essential of all essentials is the ability to know how to really read (or some call exeget) and then how to interpret that knowledge without compromising it into today’s world. Biblical illiteracy is rampant from the pew to the pulpit to the seminary…. thanks for mentioning the key essential of scripture.

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